New Era has a long and running heritage not only as a symbol spotted on champion athletes, but also as the official headwear supplier for numerous global sport leagues and games — contributing to New Era’s leading position in streetwear and fashion apparels. New Era is seen on the best of the best, across award podiums for various sports and on the front pages of fashion magazines, New Era has witnessed some of the most glorifying moments in history, and constantly shares the glory and joy along the way with supporters, adding all the more significance to the brand. 

Beginning from 2020, New Era adopts “Fit For Glory” as the latest brand concept. With the same belief, New Era has invited Hong Kong rapper Jiggie Boy (JB), a huge fan of American street fashion for years, to be the face of the brand for APAC campaigns. The messages delivered from JB’s story and value are: GLORY GOES BEYOND / GLORY STAY IN STYLE / GLORY MAKES NO COMPROMISES / GLORY TAKES NO SHORTCUTS. Encompassing New Era’s philosophy on glorious moments while encouraging every person that holds the same belief to GET YOUR GLORY ON. Glory does not only belong to elite athletes, but also to every dreamer who works relentlessly towards their goals.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, the Filipino rapper rising in fame among the new generation mainly creates in Cantonese, with a strong focus on local culture. Since his first exposure to popping back in school, JB developed a strong passion for music — dancing came hand-in-hand like a bundle deal — and began his own journey in music creation. From debuting his first song “Move On” in 2011, to bringing Hong Kong music abroad as a guest singer at the star-studded World Cup party, his undeniable spark always shines through. In dancing and in rapping, his personal touches never fail in elevating the piece. JB is a loyal fan of New Era, often sporting New Era’s many silhouettes ever since he first got into dancing and rapping!

Glory refers to great achievements and moments of magnificence in life. In the campaign video, JB is seen in a series of iconic New Era headwear and apparel, creating music in his unique flow inside the studio. Artists are to stay true to their own style, in creation and in fashion. Whether it is the unapologetic attitude or the hard-hitting lyrics and rhythms, no compromises should be made in order to avoid criticism, as glory makes no compromises. JB shares his take on glorious moments with Rap Battle as an example, “when someone challenges you in the game, it is a benchmark in its own right, always appreciate the opponent, but I firmly stand by my point of view, that the true competition is always between me and myself.” Therefore, in his mind, he is on both ends of a Rap Battle.

 Apart from his music career, JB also values his growth in dancing, his persistent pursuit and sacrifices for his two passions have led him to today’s Glory. “There is no shortcut,” says JB, no other way except staying true to one’s creation and heart, he believes that his talents earned him the glory, and he is willing to share with his supporters, which collides with New Era’s Fit For Glory concept.